About CalendarWorks

In mid-2000, shortly after becoming the webmaster at Redding, California game publisher Working Designs, Brian Sexton started making and posting graphic calendars to promote the company's games and encourage repeat visits to the company web site. The calendars were an instant hit and Brian enjoyed making them, so when he left Working Designs to return to Silicon Valley, he did not leave his interest in calendars behind.

Brian kept busy through 2001 and most of 2002 by working when work was available to him, looking for work when he had none, and attending school whenever he could. From time to time, he would work on a calendar or two and think about launching his own calendar web site, but he wanted to make sure he had some good artwork or photographs to feature first, so he decided to wait to launch the site until he could afford some.

Near the end of 2002, having no work and very little money, Brian decided to stop waiting. He launched Monthly Calendars in December of 2002 with two calendars featuring photographs from one of the few collections of stock photographs that he was actually able to afford. Since then, he has made and posted graphic calendars every month except one, always free to download and print for the enjoyment of all who want them.

In August of 2003, Brian renamed Monthly Calendars to "CalendarWorks" to reflect the greater variety of calendars he wanted to create. He still makes all of the calendars himself and he still offers monthly calendars for free, paying for web hosting out of his own nearly empty pocket with no advertising banners to clutter up the site.

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